Wednesday, January 15, 2014

As part of our resolutions to get out of the house more (and after hibernating for the rest of the weekend after an intense week back to school), Nicola and I took a Sunday trip to the Glypotek. I realized while putting this together, that I had done on a similar post almost exactly two years ago (the photos are from my old blog format, so click to see them in the right sizing). I still think it's the perfect place to have a cup of tea and stroll around on a cold, grey day. This time we went to see the temporary exhibition, 'Mellemrum' (which literally translates to the space in between) by Anita Jørgensen. I loved the idea of having modern sculpture interact with classic sculpture, and really liked some of the more architectural and neon light pieces. Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home and my iPhone didn't capture the works well enough. I think the curators could have worked more with the interplay between the permanent collection and the sculptures (some of the busts where just shoved along the sides, and a few were even covered with sheets which we found kind of funny), but I still think this museum pushes the envelope nicely considering they have a pretty traditional collection overall. Plus, the building is just so beautiful. It gets me every time.

And this goes against my other resolution to read more and watch less tv, but there have been so many good movies to watch lately! With the Oscars coming up, I feel like all the good films get piled up into a month or two stretch. But it's not a bad time of year to have lots of films to watch, so I'm not complaining. I especially loved Her, I think it would have to be my favourite of the year. Amazing art direction and a surprisingly touching storyline. Any other good films or exhibitions you guys have seen lately? Or book recommendations? I've started to get up early in the morning so I have some time to make tea and read for a while before school.


  1. Haha. I had just pressed post and then checked bloglovin and found this. We are amazingly in synch.


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